Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Jolene  

A brilliant song and a brilliant popstar - it's no surprise this pairing makes for an excellent cover version. One of my absolute favourite British shows of recent times is Beautiful People, a comedy-drama series which is on at the moment, about an adorable gay teenage boy growing up in 1990s Reading. I also lived just outside Reading in the 90s, so despite the many continuity flaws with the programme (the most ridiculous being that it is not filmed in Reading at all, and they keep referring to things like the Oracle and showing H&M, which definitely weren't there in 1997), I can certainly sympathise. I may never have been a gay teenage boy, but that didn't stop me dedicating my life to learning the Spice Girls' lyrics and dreaming of being in a musical. Actually, that's an equally accurate description of my life today. Anyway, back to Sophie - she is one of the most fabulous British popstars of all time, and it's great to hear something new from her. Bring on the new album!

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