Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Georgina Hagen & Sapphire Elia - Watch This Space  

It's been a while since I've heard a new song which is pure pop and absolutely excellent, and I certainly wasn't expecting to hear it on an ITV kids' show. Georgina and Sapphire play two of the main characters on the new series Britannia High, and as you can guess from their names, Georgina plays Little Miss Ordinary while Sapphire is the Drama Queen Bitch. They are rivals, of course, and this song is their musical face-off in the first episode. Its excellence is unsurprisingly most due to Sapphire's icy fabulosity - as soon as she enters the song it suddenly sounds like something Girls Aloud or Rachel Stevens would be proud of. It's like See You Again with a grump on, a brilliant self-empowerment song for 8 year old girls to sing in front of their mirrors with a hairbrush, just like the good old days. Kid-pop is definitely back, and after the barren and boring Busted/McFly years it's a very big relief!

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