Friday, October 17, 2008

Eagle Eye Cherry - Skull Tattoo  

Sometimes I can spend hours scouring the Internet for brilliant pop music, following leads (artists or writers I usually like, or bloggers I often agree with), but find nothing at all of interest. However, when I do discover something special, it's all worthwhile. This song is my latest discovery, found through its ace writer Klas Ahlund, and I'm very excited about it. I haven't heard such a feel-good song in ages, and after only one listen its super-catchy chorus was firmly wedged in my brain. I'm sure you remember Eagle Eye as the oddly-named (and it is his real name - his middle name is Lanoo!) brother of Neneh, who had one hit in the late 90s with the lovely Save Tonight, although he actually managed two top 20 albums. Skull Tattoo was from his third, which was only a minor success even in Sweden (although Skull Tattoo made the UK charts... well, at 158!), but he is still going and plans to release another album in 2009.

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