Friday, September 12, 2008

The Dolly Rockers - Champagne Shirley  

They may be tart-tastic, but I have to say I'm quite impressed by The Dolly Rockers. Although we'd rather not admit that most British girls overdo the fake tan and think mini-skirts are classy, it's the truth, and The Dolly Rockers represent that without shame. They got through a round or two on X Factor last year, but ultimately they were too rough and ready for prime-time ITV. They're bursting with genuine charisma, and remind us of some girl-group greats like the Spice Girls, Pay TV, Girls Aloud, Atomic Kitten in the Katona days, and Shampoo... but also Vanilla. If non-Brits want to know what this country is like, don't watch Brideshead Revisited (read the book, it doesn't have Matthew Goode in it), listen to The Dolly Rockers!

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