Sunday, September 07, 2008

Doe Deere - One Touch  

Well, Muxtape is still absent after at least 2 weeks, so I'm moving on to pastures new i.e. Imeem. Like before, you just left click on the song title on each of my posts to listen to the songs. One Touch is a song which I've been meaning to post for ages, and it's one of my most listened to in recent months. It fits with the recent nostalgia for Italodisco, and in fact sounds like the perfect new single for Sophie Ellis-Bextor (who Doe is a fan of). Doe Deere, who loves Britney as much as Tears For Fears, is a really fun and exciting popstar, whose album I can't wait to buy. Her real name is Xenia, she is Russian but lives in New York, and has a big following for her "blogazine", where she talks about her life and gives advice to girls on fashion and many other things. It's clear from her MySpace that she is aiming for poptasticness, and achieving it very well with many fantastic glittery tunes. With acts like Doe Deere and Lady GaGa, New York is becoming a real beacon of aceness at the moment, seriously challenging Scandinavia for the female electro-pop crown.

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