Friday, August 01, 2008

Lady GaGa - Love Games  

Just Dance has been around a while now, but it still sounds amazing on every listen. Here's another track from Miss GaGa and again it's total poptastic brilliance, albeit extremely dirrrty! She's the only act I can think of who is challenging Rihanna for the crown of America's pop princess at the moment. She has been compared to Madonna, and although I think that's a bit strong for someone who's only released one single so far, I can certainly see her potential to take on Madge's role, and Gwen Stefani better watch out too. I don't see this particular song becoming a worldwide hit (although it'd get Radio 1 plays for it's innuendos alone), as I think Just Dance should be, but I love it myself and I think most pop fans will be just as enamoured. It's great fun and I can't wait now to hear Lady GaGa's full album. She's a real pop persona, showing potential to shake things up, and she has the great music to back it up. Acts like Katy Perry who want to be controversial and confrontational need to look to Lady GaGa to see how fabulous feminist bitch-pop is done properly and convincingly.

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