Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Keane - Spiralling  

Wow! On their first album Keane were an OK band with a few good songs, on their second an OK band with a few brilliant songs, but now they have developed into a fully-fledged acetastic superband, with synths and oohs and a talky bit that sounds like the Pet Shop Boys! Not only could you quite feasibly dance to this, but I'm bopping along without even meaning to. It's like Keane, as produced by Alphabeat! I'd forgotten all about Keane until today, and now I'm looking all over to find out more about their new album. Apparently they're working with Stuart Price, as well as the producer of Rufus Wainwright's first album, which sounds very promising indeed. I've just uploaded Spiralling to the Muxtape, but you can actually download it yourself, legally and for free, on Keane's website until next Monday. I can't believe a song this good is not even the proper first single! The album, Perfect Symmetry, is released in October.

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