Friday, August 08, 2008

Agnes Carlsson - On and On  

What a pleasant surprise - Agnes has 'done a Keane' and gone unboring! She was the first female Idol winner in Sweden, and her sound pretty much fits that category. She may not look much like Michelle McManus (quite Leona-ish actually in this photo), but she doesn't sound too far from her vocally. She has released a few acceptable songs before, and one really good one called Stranded, but she's even beaten that with this new single. It's not a huge surprise, though, when you consider that it was produced by Anders Hansson, who works with BWO and Lena Philipsson, the latter of whom Agnes is beginning to sound quite similar to. If one style led to comparisons with Michelle McManus and another to Lena Ph, I think we can quite safely say that she's made a huge improvement. Now, let's see her back in Melodifestivalen this year, and try not to get disqualified this time, OK?

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