Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Natalie Grant - I Will Not Be Moved  

If ever there was proof that great pop music can come from any source, then this is it. Natalie is part of the Christian music scene in America, and from the looks of it she's no spring chicken, but she's made a song here which could easily be mistaken for Holland's top pop-rocker, Anouk. It''s always surprised me that the Christian music market doesn't produce anything very impressive, as it's so large and family-oriented music is generally poppy, but in my previous research it's seemed extremely dull. The song is really well-written, and her singing shows passion and strength, as good angst-pop must. It's not a one-off either, as all of the songs on her MySpace are pretty good. If you were disappointed by Kelly Clarkson's last album then this is the remedy. Fans of superior (to Kelly) rock-pop girls like Marion Raven, The Veronicas and Lilyjets should also give this a try, cos it definitely stands up to the competition.

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