Monday, July 07, 2008

Miss Li - Oh Boy  

I've known of Miss Li for years, but I'd never paid her much attention until today. I started watching this incredible performance of Oh Boy from Allsång på Skansen, and I was immediately hooked. I've never seen a thing like it, so much energy and passion and a great voice to boot. The song is so cute and coquettish and at the same time strong and powerful. Miss Li fits in with Swedish indie-pop lovelies like Marit and Maia, but adds a touch of retro showtune, at least on this song - I can't wait to hear what else she has to offer. I think this girl has potential to be a huge indie star, considering the popularity of singers like Feist and Jenny Lewis. On Oh Boy, Miss Li is what Nelly McKay could have been, what Nicole Atkins almost is. She deserves to be a huge star for the amount of talent and charisma she shows in this song, and I can't even say how pleased I am to have discovered her.

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