Wednesday, July 30, 2008

dEUS - The Architect  

dEUS are one of those bands that I knew the name of but really had no idea what they were like - I didn't even know that they were Belgian. I was quite surprised then, that a great song I heard on Q Music last weekend was by dEUS, and listening to it again at home it only sounds better. It's from their new album, Vantage Point, but not (as I first thought) from the recent film of the same name. All of the other songs on their MySpace are quite boring, but I still love this one. It's by far their biggest hit in Belgium, reaching no.2, while their past highest chart position was 30! I think The Architect sounds like something Teddybears (Sthlm) would do, when in rock rather than rap mode. It may be less sweet and fluffy than many of my posted songs, but it's really fun and the chorus is very catchy.

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