Thursday, July 10, 2008

Da Wonda Twinz - Who Cares?  

I discovered this one on a friend's Muxtape and loved it instantly. It sounds like something Rihanna would do (and just as good as her ace new single, Disturbia), and as she's my favourite American female artist of the moment, that's high praise indeed. I love the song's feisty attitude, with lines like "take all of your stories and take all your explanations, you can you can shove 'em where the sun don't shine... cos I don't care!", you can't help but do a little Danny Noriega-esque head twitch. Any girl (or boy!) who's been mistreated needs to hear this cos it's the perfect remedy. This song reeks of girl power, plus it's got loads of different great bits. A triumph indeed! My reserach shows that Da Wonda Twinz are not actually a mixture of Brick and Lace and the Cheeky Girls - they are actually two male producers, and nowhere can I find out for sure who the singers are. Some sites claim it is by Danity Kane, but I don't know their voices well enough to tell if that's true. I put them as the picture anyway.

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