Friday, July 11, 2008

Annie - Songs Remind Me of You  

After what must be years of waiting, I can finally provide you with this song in full. It is very good, but I wouldn't say it's the best thing Annie's done - however, Chewing Gum, Me Plus One and Heartbeat are some of pop's best ever achievements, so that's no big criticism. It reminds me most of what we heard on Rachel Stevens' masterpiece, Come and Get It, but a little less pop and more electro. It's typically Annie, and if you loved her past hits, you'll certainly love this too. While I think it is a wonderful piece of pop music, I also feel like all of the build up to hearing it has meant that I can't really appreciate it as much as I might have. I suppose I'm disappointed that I didn't stop everything and squeal with joy on the moment of hearing it, as I'd hoped to. The lyrics are great, the music is fabulously 80s, and it's growing on me with each listen, but I think I need to get to know it on my own terms and separate to the expectations in order to fall in love with it, which I'm still confident will happen. She's still the world's cutest popstar, anyway.

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