Sunday, June 22, 2008

Rhianna - Oh Baby/Word Love  

How rubbish it must be for Rhianna, when she tells someone she's "the singer, Rhianna" only to get a laugh in return, and some advice to improve on her Jamaican accent if she wants to get away with that one. She may not have had anything to quite the level of Umbrella, SOS or Don't Stop The Music, but I definitely preferred Rhianna's first two singles to Rihanna's. You might remember her singles Oh Baby (which got to no.18) and Word Love from her first album in 2002, when she was just 16, and she released a follow-up CD in 2006. Unfortuantely she now is apparently working in a sandwich shop in Northumberland! Oh Baby was on a Levis advert, if I remember correctly, and also used to appear regularly on Fresh Hits on MTV Hits, a TV show which used to be the highlight of my week, as they used to play all the videos no-one else would play, such as Amy Studt, Sita and Benefit. I suppose they must not have played Word Love, as I actually didn't hear it until I found it on an mp3 blog a few years ago (it just missed the top 40), but I think it's just as good as Oh Baby, so I've posted both as a general induction to Rhianna.

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