Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Mystery Jets - Hand Me Down  

Mystery Jets were one of those bands who I knew the name of but couldn't tell you anything about them, except they are an indie band with a male singer. It was only today I realised it was them who did that song about a Dennis who can't fool them. Recently I have been getting to know much more about them, and coming to like them a lot - first they duetted with lovely Laura Marling on an equally lovely song called Young Love, then they released one of this year's best pop songs so far, Two Doors Down. It's brilliant! This 100% ace track record for the singles from the new album impelled me to get hold of Twenty One, and I'm listening to it right now for the first time. It's much more serious than Two Doors Down would suggest, but still has some catchy tunes and fun lyrics, for example in this track, First To Know and Half In Love With Elizabeth. If you see them performing on TV or live, keep an eye out for the one member who looks about twice the age of the rest! Obviously one of the lads wasn't allowed to join the group unless his dad chaperoned him...

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