Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Black Ghosts - Any Way You Choose To Give It  

The Black Ghosts may be the latest indie sensation, but don't hold it against them: one of their songs is utterly amazing! I downloaded this in late 2007, and was instantly obsessed, listening to it again and again, but since it had been released and seemingly not gotten anywhere, I forgot about them and just made a mental note to post the song up here when I got the chance. No rush. But perhaps I should have posted it up when I first heard it after all, because now that the group are about to release a hotly-tipped album, featuring Damon Albarn on the lead single, I reckon it's a pretty safe prediction that this track will soon be re-released, and could potentially be one of the biggest hits of 2008. The vocals make it a little bit laddish, but the catchiness and danceability, plus links to revered electricians Justice, means everyone from indie geeks to dancefloor divas will, in all probability, be loving this song this summer. Get learning the words and inventing your dance routine!

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