Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Alphabeat - Touch Me, Touching You  

I hate exams. Because of mine it has taken me 8 days to post this, the most wonderfully ace of all the wonderfully ace new songs on the UK release of This Is Alphabeat. I listen to this CD and I just can't believe it's real - this band are so amazing! I know not everyone gets it, but it doesn't matter one jot to me: they are the most brilliant and glorious band around. Just from looking at them, in all their colourful Danish cuteness, it is clear. This song I first heard when I first saw them live at the start of this year (after a year of desperate waiting to do so - I even considered travelling to Denmark especially!) and I was obsessed with the song and Alphabeat from that moment on. It's just brilliant live. The new version of the album emphasises the band's 80s influence more than the original, and this is probably the most clearly 80s track. It's just so much fun, and its cheeky lyrics give it a little edge to show that pop music is definitely not just for children!

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