Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sarah McLeod - White Horse (Whelan & Di Scala Remix)  

This remix of a rock song is one of the best dance songs I've heard in ages. If you like Sarah's fellow Aussies the Rogue Traders, you'll enjoy this, and even if not, you've got to listen to it for the great use of a rather unsubtle Kelis reference. I hope she won't get sued for it! It's a brilliantly catchy and feisty song, and with her grainy yet powerful voice it's great to sing along to in angry moments - very cathartic. Her other songs are pretty good too, if you're looking for a mix of Kelly Clarkson and Juliet... well, someone might be! She used to be in a successful group called The Superjesus, who I'd never heard of but they seem OK (quite typical 90s rock-pop) from a bit of Googling, perhaps also worth investigating. Worryingly though, she is a spokesperson for the brand of motorbike my dad rides.

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