Sunday, May 04, 2008

Maroon 5 ft. Rihanna - If I Never See Your Face Again  

How exciting - 2 of my favourite acts are releasing a duet! This song appeared on Maroon 5's last album, which I personally thought was a great pop CD with loads of catchy songs (especially Not Falling Apart, my favourite), and now it's been remixed and half of it has been dished out to Rihanna. It takes a while to get used to her presence, but this is such a great song it can't really go wrong. It's going to feature on the re-released albums of both Rihanna and Maroon 5, and will be the new single of the latter. Rihanna currently has the far inferior Take A Bow out, but she really should have gone for her album's title-track, my favourite song on there, joint with Umbrella and Don't Stop The Music. The video for this has just been filmed (as this photo shows), so it should be out soon.

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