Friday, May 02, 2008

Maria Haukaas Storeng - Breathing  

Being the Norwegian entrant, Maria probably doesn't have much chance of winning this year's Eurovision, but she is definitely one of the fan favourites for 2008. This is not her entry, but a single from a few years ago, which I always intended to post, but never actually did. It's very easily compared to Kelly Clarkson (and Maria was 6th in Idol 2004), in contrast to her Eurovision entry, which is often said to be very Amy Winehouse-esque. It's a nice rock-pop power ballad, which always grows on me as I listen. I think it would fit in very well on the soundtrack of One Tree Hill or Dawson's Creek. There are a lot of Norwegian pop stars who, in my opinion, are a great deal better than Maria, but this track at least gave her one moment of glory. She sings with feeling, and the chorus is always left in my head for a long time after I listen.

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