Saturday, May 03, 2008

Kerli - Beautiful Inside  

It's all getting a bit Euro-girl-angst around here at the moment, which is thankfully no reflection of my personal state of mind. Like Maria, Kerli's a European singer I've known of for years who is suddenly getting a bit more attention. Kerli is Estonian and is currently being launched as something of a slightly less weird Bjork, but her earlier work is far less obtuse. She even entered Melodifestivalen once, strangely enough. I was really excited to hear that Kerli had been signed by a major label and would release her new album internationally, but I'm quite disappointed by what I've heard so far. It's not bad exactly, but I couldn't call it poptastic. Nonetheless, Beautiful Inside is a great song - a similar style to what was going on in American music at the time, but with a European twist that makes it more interesting sonically. It was her submission to Estonian Eurovision in 2004, but didn't get picked for some reason. The actual choice didn't even make the finals, so it seems they made quite a mistake there!

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