Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Let's make a new beginning  

Mega-cool points for anyone who knows who I'm quoting above! I've decided to try something new with this site: instead of giving away music illegally I'm going to put fabulous pop songs on a muxtape page, poptasticuk.muxtape.com, where you can hear them all for as long as it takes for me to have posted 12 new songs and then have to delete the oldest one. This is partly because it's hard to find a free hosting service which doesn't lead my readers through a zillion crap adverts, and also because it's so easy to buy music online these days that it really does seem wrong to be giving it away for free. This way I can still share my exciting discoveries, however obscure they are (the problem with using links to YouTube or similar is that not all songs appear there, while on muxtape I can post what I like), and if you want to download them you should be able to do so elsewhere, either legally or illegally - that choice is down to you.

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