Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Gotye - learnalilgivinanlovin  

Gotye (aka Belgian-born Aussie Wouter DeBacker) was voted by Australian/NZ bloggers their favourite local act of 2007, but I listened to the songs on his MySpace and was utterly bored... until I heard this one, a complete contrast in style to the rest. While they are mid-tempo somewhat spooky indie-electro, this is upbeat, really fun and convincing Motown-style pop - think Jamie Lidell or Gnarls Barkley, but only their best songs. It actually samples the drums from Be My Baby by the Ronettes. Apparently this song was a small hit in 2006 in Australia, so I hope its fans weren't too disappointed by Gotye's other work. Pop traditionalists will be pleased to see this song is exactly 3 minutes long, making me think it was the attempt of an otherwise serious act to show off how easy it is to make a good pop song, so it's a little unfortunate if that is the case that he succeeded, although I'm sure he did not really make something so intricately catchy as this with ease.

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