Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Taio Cruz - I'll Never Love Again  

With a top 5 single and an album out this week, Taio Cruz is the man of the moment, and I'm definitely onboard the bandwagon. His album is brilliant and you can read my full review on Dirrrty Pop. I chose to post this track because it's quite different to Come On Girl, a slow song but its clever intricacies and earworm repetition mean that his story of almost releasing Umbrella now makes perfect sense. But its not just Umbrella that this track harks back to - also Cry Me A River, Let Me Love You and all the other great r'n'b-pop ballad-but-nots of the past few years. As a bonus I've uploaded Fly Away, another track which showcases how versatile Taio's album is, all in one song, as it's got an anthemic chorus with synths, eh-ehs, handclaps, falsetto and even a guitar solo. OK, the latter is nothing to boast about, but it's not long and proves that guitars do not necessarily have to cause boringness.

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