Monday, March 17, 2008

Electric Valentine - A Night With You  

Over the past year or so my e-mail inbox has been filled with a higher and higher percentage of e-mails from bands or their management/PR companies trying to get me to write about them on my blogs. At first I gave most of the bands a chance, unless they were obviously total rockists, but nowadays such an e-mail will be lucky if it even gets opened. Today I must have been feeling particularly generous, as I opened my e-mail from Electric Valentine and clicked on their MySpace link, and thank goodness I did, because their songs are all fantastic! My favourite was their feisty yet heartfelt new single, A Night With You, and by great luck this was the track that the group have sent me to post here. If you liked the almost-popular band The Modern from a few years ago, you'll certainly like Electric Valentine. There are also strong similarities to Stefy and Dragonette, but better than anything either of them did, except for Dragonette's early work. I don't think there's a large market for this type of pop music, but I personally love it and think most of you will feel the same. Electric Valentine are definitely one of the best unknown bands I've heard in a long time and I wish them very much success!

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