Saturday, March 15, 2008

BWO - Lay Your Love On Me  

It may have only come 3rd in tonight's Melodifestivalen final (hardly a failure when competing against 31 of the best Swedish pop acts, with the winner also being brilliant) but I think this is the best thing BWO have done since their second album. I enjoyed their third, released last year with Save My Pride and Give Me The Night being the highlights, but in comparison to the electro-pop of their debut and the pure-pop of its follow-up, Fabricator was undeniably weak. Now they've returned to their original sound, with a song that fits best alongside such classics as Conquering America and Voodoo Magic. Alexander Bard may have failed yet again on his zillionth attempt to appear on the Eurovision stage, but he won't be sad next week when this track soars into the top 10 of the Swedish charts. My favourite group's career is back on track, and I'm extremely pleased!

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