Saturday, March 29, 2008

Astrid Swan - Sea/e Life  

With the brilliance of the output of their Scandinavian neighbours, it has always seemed something of a non-sequitur that Finland hasn't produced much good pop music. The only Finnish song I regularly listen to is Lover Lover Lover by . This means I'm very pleased to find a Finnish singer I can get on board with. Although she is no Robyn or Margaret Berger in the stakes of Scandi-pop divas, she has a lovely voice and some equally lovely songs. She's better filed next to Marit Bergman than September, but I love the music of the former just as much as the latter. Astrid has gained some recognition for her cover of When You Were Young by The Killers and she also does a great Can't Get You Out Of My Head. Sea/e Life is a great track, especially when it builds up towards the end, but I recommend that you go on her MySpace, the first 2 tracks are even better, just sadly not available for free download as Sea/e Life is. I'm looking forward to hearing in full her 2 albums, amusingly titled Poverina (her debut, just out in the US) and Spartan Picnic (her new CD in Finland).

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