Sunday, February 03, 2008

Jens Lekman - Friday Night At The Drive-In Bingo  

I don't think I've posted anything by Jens (pronounced Yens) before, which is surprising because he's excellent. His latest album has been released in the UK and he has been gaining fans gradually, although I can't imagine him becoming famous here in a mainstream way. He's very Swedish, and if you haven't ever heard any Swedish indie-pop before this is a good introduction to it as although his sound is typical of the genre, this is surely the jolliest of any Swedish indie-pop songs ever made. I absolutely love it, as it gives me fond memories of Sweden (especially Zingo!) and never fails to make me smile with its cheery melody and funny lyrics. It's extra good if you've been to a Swedish small town (or seen films about them, of which there are many) but the sentiments are recognisable in any country. Jens is rather cute as well, which always helps matters, and he's from only 16km away from my favourite boy's hometown, so it's a nice reminder of him to hear Jens' music.

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