Friday, January 04, 2008

Private - We Got Some Breaking Up To Do  

Private are my obsession of the moment. I just reviewed their album on Dirrrty Pop and now I'm going to prove their excellence by offering up one of their most fabulous tracks for your listening pleasure. They are a 3-piece Danish band, perhaps the Danish BWO since there's a male lead vocalist, a female vocalist and a male guitarist - well, that's what Wikipedia says but I'm not sure the point of a guitarist in an electro-retro-pop band. Private is really all about Thomas Troelsen, who both sings and produces the music, and has contributed much to the Danish pop business in previous acts such as Superheroes. I only wonder why he's currently sporting the greasy gothic look. I could compare them to everyone from The Attic to Prince, Madonna to Junior Senior, but really Private are just making brilliant pop music, just how it should sound in 2008, but equally how it could have sounded in 1988.

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