Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Backstreet Boys - Everything But Mine  

(Left click to download) It may have taken me a couple of months to actually get this CD (I thought I should leave something for my mum to get me for Xmas) but I'm really pleased with it, and was spoilt for choice when deciding on a song to post here. I guess there isn't anything quite as brilliant as I Want It That Way, but considering that's one of my absolute favourite songs ever, it's no big criticism. I wonder if it is even possible for the BSBs to make an album I dislike? I'm sure if Westlife recorded all the same ballads, I'd think they were rubbish. Just the sound of the BSBs singing holds so many nice memories for me that I'll always be a bit biased towards them. Still, I do really think their new album is good, and here is one of the fun uptempo songs from it.

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