Monday, December 03, 2007

Lykke Li - Tonight  

(Left click to download) Unless you're crazy, you will count Robyn as one of your favourite female artists of the moment, if not all time, and I imagine quite a few of you will also place Feist quite high up in that list. Therefore, you should definitely take note of this new Swedish artist, because she is undoubtedly about to be a huge star in the indie-pop scene and absolutely deservedly so. Her single A Little Bit (watch here its fantastic video) is rarely off the radio here in Sweden, so I've chosen to post the second song I heard by her, which I am currently falling deeply in love with. Imagine Robyn's best ballads, like Be Mine and Bum Like You, and you'll know what to expect. It has been far too long since Robyn released something new, and although my extreme love for her is never likely to wane, I am very excited to get hold of Lykke's album (currently being made in New York) as a fill-in which is looking to be just as good quality as we've come to expect from Miss Carlsson. Last Saturday Lykke was the support act for Shout Out Louds here in Gothenburg, so I persuaded an attractive German to take me along and I enjoyed her short set very much - now I can't wait til she gets a little bit known in the UK and I can go and see her full concert in London. It's sure to happen, and perhaps I'll see you there!

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