Saturday, December 15, 2007

Christophe Willem - Kiss The Bride  

(Left click to download) Considering both the Idol format and the French are well-known for producing boring ballads, I've never paid much attention to the music created by those involved in the French Idol programme. But it seems I made a mistake there, since the winner of 2006's series is quite a character, and has created this utterly brilliant piece of electro-poptasticness. I feel a little bit bad for not posting a song in French, since he mostly sings in his own language, but it can't be denied that this English track from his 2007 album Inventaire is by far his best work. It's so catchy and fun and really not what we're used to from France, although what with Najoua Belyzel and the recent return of Alizée, perhaps France is soon to become a hotbed of pop talent - you never know!

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