Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tullycraft - Punks Are Writing Love Songs  

This one is not for the cold-hearted. If you like super-cute indie twee-pop with fun lyrics like Helen Love and All Girl Summer Fun Band, here are your new favourites. Well, maybe you'll know them already, since I hear they are twee-pop legends who have been around for 15 years, but I'd never heard of them. This song is brand new and has received a few plays on Swedish radio station P3, which is where I heard it. I was surprised to find that they are giving away the song for free on their site in full, but it does actually make sense for a band like this which relies on spreading their music among the certain type of person who would like it, and that sort is certainly the kind (arty geeks) who read mp3 blogs. If there is one kind of music which is represented much more on mp3 blogs than its actual popularity would suggest, it is twee indie-pop, and I think this has to be rooted in the fanzine and mixtape culture from which these adorably amateurish bands rose from in the 90s, which has now been transformed into the modern day equivalent, the mp3 blog. I think this group's fans probably do still make mixtapes and fanzines though, and I wish I had time and creativity enough to do the same.

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