Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Morello - Green Eyed Boss  

I'm not sure if it was Morello's intention to make a song that sounds a cross between something out of Wicked and second album A1, but he has succeeded anyway. It's a really fun song, catchy, funny, quite theatrical and full of personality. It's a duet between Malcolm (aka Morello) and a female singer. Although this style of pop music is pretty clearly low budget in contrast to the pop music we find in the charts, it makes no difference. For me what determines the value of a song is not how cleverly it was made, whether the instruments are played well, if it has been produced perfectly clearly on super-modern equipment, whether the lyrics are works of genius, or if the singer is the next Leona Lewis. I don't care. If the melody is good and the lyrics are nice, then it can quite easily lack every one of those things that other music fans deem so very important, and still be completely brilliant in my opinion. Here is one great example. And relistening I just realised what it sounds like most: Boys by B.O.N! Now if that isn't enough to recommend it to you, then really what is?

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