Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Hello! Is it me you're looking for?  

If you've been wondering why this site has been so quiet recently, it's not for lack of things I want to write about. Since I can't use My Data Bus for free anymore and I'm not at home to use my own space, I haven't got anywhere to host files. This means I can either use one of the crappy sites where you have to click through several pages, wait 45 seconds and try not to get a virus before you can reach the song, or I can change the site and simply point out where you can get free downloads or streams of the songs. Of course this will somewhat limit the songs I can post, but since almost everything is at least streamed somewhere these days, it should be quite doable. Also, when I started this blog it was not common or easy to buy legal downloads online, but now it is and I do feel more like I'm giving something away for free that should be paid for. Therefore, I think I will go forwards with this rather more law-abiding plan for the moment, but if you do have any suggestions of sites which will host my mp3s for free and give me a download link that readers can simply right click and save, then please let me know.

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