Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Alizée - Mademoiselle Julietta  

Yippee, Alizée is back! She is one of the most delightful popstars and reminds me of Sophie Ellis-Bextor in the way that she is cute, intelligent and glamorous in a non-annoying way, and her musical style never changes drastically but is consistently lovely and great. Although I can understand quite a lot of French, there are still parts of this, her new single, which make no sense to me, but I'm really hoping I'm correct in thinking she sings about a "Shakespeare sandwich" near the start of the song. I have translated that the song is about Romeo and Juliet, so it could be possible. The lack of complete lyrical understanding makes no difference because this song is so catchy I'd be singing along, making up words if I had to, even if it was in Lithuanian.

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