Friday, August 10, 2007

Robyn - Since U Been Gone (Live)  

There's often a subject I find myself writing about in almost every post for a period of time on Dirrrty Pop, and at the moment it's definitely Robyn's long-awaited conquering of the UK charts. She was at no.2 in the midweeks and many are predicting she'll be no.1 by Sunday - she's certainly the talk of the town, and her performance on Radio 1's Live Lounge feature on Wednesday will surely have helped. It's amazing to see her being recognised as a proper musician, considering that she was originally the Swedish counterpart of Britney, with people calling her voice and her music beautiful and really connecting to the emotions in the amazingly powerful With Every Heartbeat. She may not have intended it, but she did make a clever statement by performing this track as her cover version, as it is of course written by the same writers as Show Me Love and Baby One More Time, and Robyn and Kelly have in common that they have gained huge popularity and critical acclaim even from people who would throw away these CDs if they realised the link to Britney, BSBs, *N Sync etc. Robyn's version is much more delicate than Kelly's, as Robyn is a more gentle and controlled singer, so she shows the hurt of a break-up (a similar 'moving on' sentiment to WEH actually), rather than the anger in Kelly's version. A lot of Live Lounge covers are just an acoustic version of the track, which for me is interesting maybe once, but not exactly bringing something new to the table, whereas Robyn, with the help of trusty Kleerup, has gone for a more electro sound and the song sounds very different to the original, even though she is a pop singer covering a pop song so no genres have been crossed.

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