Thursday, August 16, 2007

Lucy Walsh - So Uncool  

Despite its size, wealth and prominence in the music industry, the USA isn't that great a source for ace new pop stars, so it's nice to see someone interesting coming out. All the songs on Lucy's MySpace are absolutely brilliant, but this track, her next single, is definitely the most commercially viable. That doesn't mean it will be a hit necessarily, but it's much more than good enough. The chorus is very infectious and it has a spelling bit! Whether it's the single of the year, or the hit that never was, I'm going to be singing along to So Uncool for the entirety of the foreseeable future. The lyrics are interesting, because she realises she has alienated the subject of the song (presumably her boyfriend, perhaps we could say 'love interest'!), but blames him for his aceness which makes her act "so uncool". As an objective listener, I have to say that any guy who distances himself because she's too full-on with her devotion to him, is not worth a lady as ace as Lucy!

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