Saturday, July 21, 2007

Venke Knutson - Holiday  

After a disappointingly dull second album, Venke is back with perhaps her best single yet. Never has a song which touches on domestic violence been so jolly! It is a very uplifting girl power type of song, though, which excuses any possible insensitivity. Venke brings a new perspective on the 'getting over Mr Rubbish' song, as it's all about going off on holiday and having fun, as opposed to wasting time getting angry at said bloke. I love the tone of Venke's voice, it just sounds like joy in aural form to me. I really like Norwegian singing voices in general - with Annie, Margaret, Bertine, Erik Faber, Espen Lind, Lilyjets and Venke, they've produced some of the best. I'm afraid the MP3 is a bit fizzy in places (despite being the CD edit, supposedly) but it's still perfectly enjoyable, and if you want a clearer copy you can buy the single on CDON.

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