Thursday, July 05, 2007

Soulsavers - Revival  

If you like the Arcade Fire, or you want to like them but find them inaccessible, then this group may be for you. I normally avoid Radio 1 in the evenings (Zane Lowe is evil, after all), but I turned the radio on today and stopped in my tracks when I heard this song being played. I love it because it's so big, with loads of voices and general warmth and upliftingness. You can't help but want to sway, or have some kind of religious epiphany, even if you're an unquestionable atheist. I hope I'll be hearing a lot more of this band in future, and excitingly I just spotted that they're playing a festival I'm attending next week - wooo! Shame they're such boring-looking blokes. The singer is Mark Lanegan, who will be well known to the indie kids among you. For the rest, he did an album with a girl out of Belle and Sebastian. They're apparently making music for film soundtracks, so it's no surprise that the video is very impressive.

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