Thursday, July 26, 2007

Lo-Fi-Fnk - City  

Lo-Fi-Fnk may not be one of my top favourite Swedish bands, but I have developed a soft spot for them since seeing the video for Wake Up, where they seem such adorably awkward, typical teenage boys, although they're actually 22. And yet they are electro popstars, who are gaining popularity all over the place, including the UK where they released this brilliant single last month. It wasn't quite the top 10 hit they deserved, but I wouldn't be surprised if they do eventually make their way into the upper echelons of our singles chart. Lo-Fi-Fnk fit in well with the kind of electro-pop that's currently getting indie kids out of their bedrooms and onto the dancefloor, but they also have a very distinct sound. It can be a bit abrasive on first listen, but it's that sudden feeling of slight unease they cause which I think makes them stand out, and makes the music even more enjoyable and fresh-sounding when you get into it. City is on their super-cutely titled Boylife album, which is very cheap on CDON.

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