Monday, July 30, 2007

Bat For Lashes - Trophy  

I've been following Natasha Khan's career for several months now, but it's only since I saw her live at Latitude Festival that I became a huge fan of this beautiful, lovely and amazingly talented young lady. I love her style and personality (and her all-girl backing band are equally bringing the aceness) but most of all her music which is the kind that once you get into it you quickly fall completely in love with it. She's like a female Patrick Wolf and a British Feist and a Kate Bush for the 00s. She's my biggest obsession at the moment and although I'm pleased that she's getting more recognition through her Mercury Prize nomination, I will be sad to have to share her with more people. For her next single she will re-release Prescilla, which is probably her most instant and commercially viable single choice, so I've posted this one instead, probably the next most poptastic. The refrain of "Heaven is a feeling I get in your arms" simply grabs you by the heart and refuses to let go. I also recommend Horse & I, mainly because its clip-clop horse noises remind me of my favourite Aqua single, My Oh My! Someone called Josh T Pearson sings backing vocals on this track, who Google tells me is Texan and quite an interesting and elusive character with an utterly enormous beard.

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