Saturday, March 10, 2007

Lisa Miskovsky - Sweet Misery  

This site is getting very Swedish at the moment and I'm afraid that's not about to change as I have yet another ace Swedish song to post. Well, someone has to since the amazing Swedish pop blog Catchy Tunes of Sweden is no longer with us. While perhaps not so frivolously jubilant as many of the songs I post here, this certainly isn't a miserable song, but it is quite sweet. The music of the intro particularly is very jolly. Lisa is more middle-of-the-road and mumsy than the typical schlager queens or indie chicks we get from Sweden, but she does it very well and has produced several lovely songs over her career, which now spans 6 years. She just turned 32 yesterday, so happy birthday Miss Miskovsky! Some interesting facts about Lisa are that she wrote the lyrics to Shape of My Heart by the Backstreet Boys, and she is a member of the Swedish national snowboarding team!

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