Friday, March 30, 2007

Hello Saferide and Firefox AK - Long Lost Penpal  

On this track two well-known Swedish indie-pop female singers teamed up to create a story in a song. The story is of two girls who used to be penpals and they talk of how their lives have changed and wonder if the other's has changed as much, and what's happened to them since. It's a simple, slow song, but a lovely, touching one with interesting lyrics, so it's never boring. It may not be bursting with poptasticness, but I think every one of you will love this song. It certainly made me stop and listen. It has quite a hilarious ending as well, surprisingly since it begins so sweetly! There's a great, very literal video for it too. I only just got into Hello Saferide and now I wish I'd listened to her music earlier, as I've known of her for quite a while. I also recommend The Quiz, San Francisco and Highschool Stalker, which have similarly cute and funny lyrics, and Annika's lovely Swedish-accented singing.

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