Friday, March 09, 2007

Danny - Tokyo  

This is such a cheesy, unoriginal Europop song but it's so extremely cheery and catchy, I can't help grinning every time it comes on the radio, and since I've had Rix FM and Mix Megapol playing almost constantly the past few weeks as I try to pick up Swedish pronunciation in preparation for studying in Gothenburg this Autumn, that is very often. The Swedes seem to be lapping this up and I don't blame them. I can see it becoming a huge continental hit, maybe even crossing over to the UK a la Infernal. Danny Saucedo is 21, kind of good-looking but a bit of a poser, participated in 2006's Idol contest in Sweden and has also released a cover of a Tommy Nilsson ballad, but this is his first proper single and an ace start it is too.

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