Friday, March 16, 2007

Anders Johansson - Alone  

Here's my second embarrassing mumsy post, but yet again I do genuinely think it's a brilliant song. It's a cover of the Heart power ballad, by a Fame Factory winner who generally sounds like a 1-man Swedish Westlife, so it should be awful but every time it comes on Rix FM I have to stop what I'm doing and sing along. I've always liked the Heart song, but reimagined as a boyband ballad it somehow turns into the best boyband ballad I've heard in a long time. Every time it gets to the "Til now" part, I just have to join in and from then on I'm consumed by the power ballad drama. It's just one of those cover versions you never imagined would work or be any good at all, but somehow it's amazing - only in Sweden! If you don't know the original, just download this and pretend it's the Backstreet Boys, cos it really sounds like it - it's like having a whole new BSBs song, and probably better than their new material since I hear they're writing it themselves, without Max Martin.

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