Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Young Love - Discotech  

The music has been quite varied on here lately but I certainly never expected to be posting something that could easily come under the category of emo... yet here it is! This may fit with the sound of emo bands such as Fall Out Boy and Panic! At The Disco (well, it may not sound like both of them but I get confused which songs are by which of the bands) but the lyrics aren't depressing and overall it's pretty ace and jolly. The intro is great, although I quite worryingly realised it sounds quite like Bloc Party (so I'm now comparing a song I like to Bloc Party and emo?), and the first verse sounds like a proper dance song - it's only when it got into the chorus I went off it, but then after a couple of listens I loved the chorus too and, realising it sounds like The Sounds with a male singer, I decided to give the song my full support. Since then I've been playing it almost non-stop! If any of you, perhaps my younger readers, are stuck with friends or classmates who listen to rubbish proper emo, recommend this to all of them and soon your ears will be free of crap and indulging in this wonderous sound instead!

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