Wednesday, February 14, 2007

WinterKids - Somebody Else's Clothes  

This is such a moving sad song, it's really lovely. Its realness makes it special. The male and female singers are both great, showing emotion delicately and earnestly. I love how it builds up and a phrase like 'Meet me next to fahrenheit', which doesn't really make sense, somehow sounds really profound! The simplicity make the song, and even though I'm not entirely sure what they're on about, I can feel all the indeterminable emotions. I guess you can take it to be whatever emotion you want to feel. The WinterKids are great songwriters, definitely a band to watch out for, more for their greatness than bigness, though I have little doubt that they will be big. They haven't released an album yet but when they do it's sure to be worth buying. Their other songs are more jolly and bouncy and have super-catchy choruses, particularly their amazingly ace previous single Tape It which you can download here.

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