Monday, February 19, 2007

Måns Zelmerlöw - Cara Mia  

The Ark now have a strong challenger for my Melodifestivalen 2007 support, as Måns has followed them in gaining a place in the final, which takes place on 10th March. His chances don't seem too strong as his competitors include the hugely popular Sebastian Karlsson, who came second in the series of Idol where Måns placed fifth and enters MF with his best song yet, a certain crowd-pleaser, but Måns also has an excellent entry. Cara Mia is a dance-pop song, quite similar in style to last year's Eurovision entry Tornero by Mihai Traistariu, but lighter and poppier and with an amazingly catchy chorus. It's extremely uplifting, it's not left my head since I first heard it on Saturday, and I have hardly stopped playing it. I also must take a moment to mourn the loss from MF 2007 of Magnus Carlsson, which not only means that for the first time in my following the contest there will be no Alexander Bard protegée in the final, but also that an amazing song has lost out, as Magnus' entry was a masterpiece in the vein of the brilliant Swedish singer Bosson, also harking back (perhaps too much, even) to Take On Me by A-Ha. It's up for download here, and hopefully it will go on to be a big hit outside of the competition - I'll be very surprised if I don't hear it many a time on my beloved Rix FM in the coming months.

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