Monday, February 05, 2007

Kate Nash - Birds (Live)  

I couldn't find the recorded version of this track on MP3 but this acoustic version from an XFM session is just as good. You can hear the proper one on her MySpace and, if you like it, buy her digital EP which features this song alongside a strange but interesting track called Caroline's A Victim. Kate seems unable to escape being compared to Lily Allen, but she is a more relaxed, ordinary girl version - no celebrity parents as far as I know, but she is 19 and has a strong London accent, which she doesn't hide at all in her singing. Her song-writing has the same cynical realist style but there's something gentler about Kate's music (despite the lyrics of this song being about bird poo!) which I think will give her a more mature audience. She'll never reach the commercial heights of Lily's success but I think the people who found Lily too precocious may be more inclined to join in this time. Fans of Nellie McKay and Regina Spektor should take note as well. Doesn't it look like she has no legs in this photo?

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